Steven takes Peter and Lucy for a drive

Jane is concerned when she realises that her car is gone and Steven and the twins are missing. Meanwhile, Steven has taken the twins to a beauty spot and they’re worried by Steven’s strange mood. Steven starts ranting about Jane but he finally takes them home and Jane is furious and tells Steven that she doesn’t want him spending time with the twins. Later that night, Lucy sneaks out to meet Steven and asks him if he can get rid of something for her. Lucy gives Steven Craig’s gun…

Deano and Chelsea try to come to terms with their fate as they are led away to prison. Deano is sharing a cell with a hard knock called Travis, while Chelsea ignores the friendly approaches of another inmate called Gwen. As the lights go out in Chelsea’s cell, she sheds a tear and back in Albert Square, Denise finally breaks down.

Shirley comes over all faint after the court case and Vince insists on taking her to the hospital and he even offers her a lift home. Heather meets Vince and thinks that he’s a real sweetheart, but she’s shocked when Shirley reveals that she’s going to take Vince for everything she can!

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