Steven terrifies Jane

Ian discovers that Steven has checked out of the clinic and he confronts Pat and asks her if Steven is staying with her. Pat pleads ignorance, but an upset Steven overhears Ian ranting and he slips out. Steven turns up at the police station to hand himself in for the shooting, but he can’t do it and he returns to Pat, who suggests that he would be better off in New Zealand. Steven sneaks into to the Beales’ and begs a terrified Jane to forgive him. A furious Ian drags Steven from the house.

Jase asks Dawn on a date and they agree to meet in the Vic. But Jase is being watched by Bird… Jase and Dawn arrive at the Vic and realise that Roxy is throwing a party. They head to Dawn’s for some privacy and share a kiss. Meanwhile, Bird and his gang gather, determined to find Jase, and Terry gives his gang the nod and they swarm into the Vic.

Billy hides his worries about the family’s soon-to-be-homeless status from Honey. He visits Mrs Patel and begs her to let them stay on at the flat as Honey’s baby is due any day but Mrs Patel won’t be budged.

Also, Roxy realises Albert needs the snip.

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