Steven tries to murder Pat

Ian and Jane find out that Pat is in hospital with a broken leg and Roxy mentions that Pat was trying to say something about Lucy. Ian calls Steven to tell him about the accident and reveals that Pat may have some news about Lucy. Steven persuades Ian and Jane to take Peggy home while he sits with Pat but he slips into her cubicle and puts a pillow over her head…

Clare is stunned when her ex, an older married man called Arnold, turns up in the square. Clare is dismissive when Arnold declares his undying love, but her ears prick up when he mentions his wife’s expensive jewellery. Bradley has invited Clare to spend the evening watching Star Wars with him but his eyes nearly pop out of his head when a scheming Clare makes her entrance in a sexy negligee and a Princess Leia hairstyle!

Ben is freaked out that he was in the car when Roxy ran over Pat and it brings back painful memories of his late mum Kathy’s car crash. Ben fears he’s responsible for the accident as some kind of punishment for deceiving Phil about his dancing and he tears up his dance certificate.

Also, Bianca supports an upset Ricky over Pat’s accident.

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