Steven tries to seduce Stacey!

Steven sees Sean snogging Roxy in the alley and tries the moves out on Stacey, but she’s unimpressed. Later, he invites Stacey to Christian’s empty flat and strips off in anticipation, but is confronted by a stunned Christian instead!

Bianca nervously awaits the return of her kids and she worries that the social worker will change her mind. She pops out to buy some lunch and misses the arrival of the children. Bianca is thrilled when she gets back in to find the children waiting for her, but Whitney makes it clear that they are angry with her for letting them end up in care.

Gus is gutted that Sean slept with Keisha, but Sean is unrepentant and smug. A seething Gus announces Sean’s betrayal to the locals, who are shocked – not least an angry Roxy. Sean is gutted when he looks over at Tanya and sees no trace of jealousy on her face.

Also, Shirley tries to make Phil jealous; Jack pulls out all the stops to impress Ronnie.

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