Steven has a run in with Stacey and she demands that Bradley shuts down his stall. Pat is worried by Steven’s dark mood and she tries to talk to Ian. Lucy invites Steven to her and Peter’s birthday party and Steven takes his precious childhood snow globe as a present.

Ian smashes the snow globe and locks Steven out of the house. A distraught Steven gets drunk and sneaks into The Arches. Stacey follows and discovers him dousing himself in petrol. Then Steven picks up a box of matches…

Ronnie and Roxy still aren’t talking. Ronnie is angry when she discovers that Phil tried to buy Jack out of the club and she insists that she will choose who she goes into partnership with. Phil tells Ronnie that if she goes against the family, she will have to move out.

Hazel learns that the journalist from the wedding magazine is coming to interview her and Minty about the competition and she glams herself up and she finds a suit for Minty. The journalist, Maddy, arrives and the interview goes well. But a jealous Garry sabotages their chances of winning the competition by having a quiet word.

Also, Yolande asks Dot to help with the nativity play.

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