Steve is a defeated man

A gutted Steve tells Michelle he’ll soon he out of her life

A downcast Steve calls in the bistro to tell Michelle that Peter and Toyah are now in a position to buy the pub so she’ll soon have her money. Overhearing this Nick forms a plan to get both Steve and Peter out of his and Leanne’s life for good…

Daniel tells Sinead he’s going to stay at his old flat for a few days, but Roy suspects he’s planning a runner. Meanwhile, Peter and Tracy tell Adam it’s time he moved on. Calling at No.1 with his bags, Adam tells Ken that he’s leaving town. Spotting the offending trainers, Ken asks Adam if they are his. What will Adam say?

Tim finds Gina sitting alone on the site of a demolished house.

Egged on by Gemma, Cathy asks Brian out on a date. Torn over his loyalty to Roy, what will Brian say?