Steve is picked up from the police station by Lloyd and he asks him to take him straight to the hospital to confront Dan about his assault accusation. Steve is left fuming when Dan refuses to tell the police the truth and he returns to the Rovers in a dark mood. When a disapproving Michelle insists that he apologise to Dan they end up in a huge row and Steve storms out to drown his sorrows with Lloyd at the cab office.

Meanwhile, Becky is miserable when Jason continues to avoid her and she marches over to the Grimshaws to have it out with him. Eileen tells Becky that Jason is still at work, but Becky realises Eileen is covering for Jason when she spots his work jacket on a chair.

Becky glugs cheap cider to cheer herself up and heads over to the kebab shop. When an equally drunk Steve and Lloyd turn up, Becky invites them back to Roy’s for more drinks and food. Lloyd stumbles home, leaving Becky and Steve to have a heart-to-heart about their relationships that leads to a passionate kiss…

Also, Gail considers visiting Sarah in Italy after Ted offers to keep an eye on David; the neighbours rally round a recovering Jerry.