Steve’s furious with Becky

Steve and Becky’s relationship is in turmoil. When Steve accuses Becky of stealing from the corner shop to pay off Kylie, she can’t deny it. Steve’s furious that she was willing to risk their future and threatens to call the police. But it’s clear that he will find it hard to shop his wife.

As the residents struggle to come to terms with the devastation caused by the tram crash, families are inevitably torn apart. It’s not just the physical destruction they’re dealing with, but the emotional pain of the events on that fateful night. Lies now exposed to all cause one parent to go into meltdown, as another is thrown out of the family home. It seems there is now no way back.

Another funeral is held at the crematorium as respects are paid to another of the dead. But it’s an uncomfortable service for one resident who carries a deadly secret about what really happened to this victim on the night of the tram crash. Will the truth be revealed?

Also, the shocked and devastated residents plan a remembrance service.

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