Steve’s future looks bleak

Afraid that Bridget will tell the truth about what really happened with Chris Knight, Steve forbids her from attending his sentencing hearing. But with Declan’s support Bridget defies her father, determined to come forward. Devastated at the idea of losing Steve, Miranda challenges Toadie to sort the mess out, while Nicola is finding it difficult to hide her feelings for Steve. Later, at Steve’s sentencing, Steve’s future looks bleak. Will Bridget continue to keep quiet?

Toadie asks Susan to take care of Callum while he defends Steve in court. However, having to deal with Callum’s challenging behaviour leaves Susan hiding the extent of her MS with serious consequences.

After seeing how difficult Marco is finding it to deal with pressure from his family, Carmella approaches his dad, Franco to tell him about Marco’s dream of running the General Store. Franco is disappointed by what he perceives is Carmella’s interfering on Marco’s behalf and challenges his son to be the man he raised him to be. Distressed by his father’s ill health, Marco feels he has no choice but to give up his dream, and Carmella is reluctantly forced to support him.