Steve’s holiday ‘fling’ is revealed

Steve is furious when Eileen accidentally lets slip to the cabbie lads that Steve’s ‘conquest’ Shania was really a bloke. Michelle is curious about Steve’s time in Malta when he seems reluctant to tell her what he got up to.

Claire goes to the Rovers with Casey but her paranoia is stoked when she hears the Underworld girls having a giggle and assume that they’re laughing at her. Casey doesn’t waste the opportunity and tries to reinforce Claire’s wrong assumption. Hayley is worried when Claire confronts her about the laughter and she tells Ashley, who has words with Claire. Casey comes to the house, interrupting their argument, and persuades Claire to take ‘time out’ at her mum’s.

Carla decides it’s time she got used to living alone and she tells Michelle she’s going to move out of her flat. Carla enlists the help of Michelle and Steve to move and insists that Liam stay at work. Carla returns to the factory later in the day and Liam admits that he’s worried about her and tells her that he’s there if she ever needs to talk.

Also, Norris is reluctant to talk about his new friends with Rita and Doreen.