Steve’s in trouble

Steve tries to forget about his confrontation with prison connection Pete Ferguson, by taking his unaware family to dinner. Meanwhile, Nicola is disappointed to arrive home to an empty house and feels excluded from Steve’s homecoming. Later, Steve is horrified when Pete shows up at Charlie’s.

Steve tries to reason with Pete, but he threatens Steve again and their tense exchange is witnessed by Nicola. She examines Steve’s prison injury and realises he was in a fight. Steve admits he was threatened in prison by some of the inmates. After he stood up for himself, they have continued to threaten him and hurt the whole family.

Samantha throws out her medication and flees the house almost causing a car collision with Libby. As Dan and Libby search for her, Samantha accepts a lift from a car full of strangers and invites them home for an impromptu party. Dan realises history is repeating itself with the extent of Samantha’s illness and realises he can no longer handle it alone.

Lou gives the teens the idea to raise funds for the footy club funds by using a kissing booth!. As Declan and Ty engage in friendly rivalry over who will get more kisses, Bridget and Rachel’s feelings for the boys are tested.