Steve insists to Michelle that he does not fancy Andrea and his jealousy stems from feeling he’s losing his two best mates. An upset Michelle makes Steve sleep on the sofa, but when a curious Andrea sympathises, Steve admits it’s due to his jealousy of her and Lloyd.

Anna’s alarmed when Phelan casually admits to making a play for her and when the Phelans join the Armstrongs in the Rovers, Anna feels on edge. Izzy senses that Anna’s stressed, but Anna puts her doubts about Phelan to bed.

Tracy’s shaken when Rob tears strips off her for selling his stuff and warns her he won’t spend his life apologising for one stupid mistake. Tracy finally thinks she may have pushed Rob too far.

Also, Sophie tells Tim that she thinks about Maddie all the time; and Dennis is seething when Ritchie invites Gloria for a night on the town.