Steve’s mind games puzzle Nicola

Nicola squirms as she and Jimmy wave off Bernice, who’s being taken to Paris by Steve. It’s a relief for Nicola to get shot of her sister’s creepy fella, who’s been playing mind games with her.
Needing a fix, druggy Rhona calls her dealer and swiftly necks a load of dodgy-looking pills. She’s in the Woolie when the drugs start to take effect and left terrified as she starts throwing up blood in the loos! Luckily, Vanessa’s on hand to take her to hospital. Deeply concerned, Vanessa urges her to come clean to the doctors – and to Paddy.
Having done his detective work, Cain is now convinced that Cameron and Debbie are secretly seeing each other. As he confronts his daughter, clearly furious at the thought that she is back with the man who tore their family apart, shaken Debbie thinks on her feet. Telling her dad Cameron’s been wanting to spend time with Sarah, she claims she’s had enough of him hanging about herself.

Later, in the pub, she gives a sterling performance as she publicly warns Cameron to steer clear, leaving Cain reassured. For now.