Will calls at the pub with a birthday cake for Michelle and suggests she comes round for dinner. When Tim unwittingly reveals that he’s sent a driver to the airport to collect Steve, Michelle’s overjoyed to realise her husband is coming home. But when it emerges that Steve wasn’t on the flight, Michelle is convinced that Steve no longer cares about her. She heads to Will’s house and after the pair kiss, Will shows her in.

When Rita lets slip that Sally is on the Planning Committee and intends to fight the Freshco development, Phelan takes her for a drink and tries to get her on side.

While Kate makes up a bed for Caz’s return, Johnny warns her not to get her hopes up. Caz arrives home on crutches and as Kate and Johnny help her into the flat, Sophie approaches, but Caz gives her short shrift.

As Lauren lays into Bethany at a bus stop, Luke swings by in a sports car and the pair roar off leaving the bullies open-mouthed. Cathy’s annoyed when Alex arrives in the cafe hungover and sporting a tattoo.