Stevie comes clean to Stuart

After finding DC Stevie Moss on his doorstep, DS Stuart Turner listens as Stevie fills him in on her actions over the past 24 hours…

Stevie tells Stuart that, after realising Tameside Crew boss Malkie was out to kill Rob Towler, she disobeyed orders, saving Rob from the shoot-out at the drugs raid. As Rob planned their escape, Stevie got a call from DS Jim Rutherford, who made it clear he’s working with the Tameside Crew. Jim told Stevie that if Rob was brought in, he’d be killed and if Stevie started talking, she’d endanger Stuart, so Stevie realised she must stay on the run.

Arriving as Trevor Sinclair’s house to collect some forged passports, Stevie and Rob found Trevor badly beaten. But as Stevie called an ambulance, Malkie appeared and Stevie and Rob hid while Malkie received a coded call from Rutherford, telling him to leave. Later, at the storage unit, Stevie was stunned when Stuart turned up and was forced to pistol-whip him to keep him from further harm.

Steve goes on to explain that after Rob’s adoptive father, Alan Puttnam, urged her to expose Rutherford’s corruption, she sent an email to DC Jo Masters to explain everything. As Stevie and Rob tried to leave, Alan was shot at and collapsed, while Rob and Stevie made off in their car as Malkie and his gang fired shots at them. Rob then dropped Stevie off at Stuart’s house, telling her to wait if she decided she wanted to be with him.

As Stuart learns that Stevie was trying to protect him all along, the two officers try to stop Rutherford and the Tameside Crew from causing more bloodshed. But Stevie must make the ultimate decision – her career or Rob…