Stevie Moss is viciously attacked

Sergeant Dale ‘Smithy’ Smith is still unhappy about having to let slum landlords Matthew and Jason Devlin walk free. But a new investigation leads him right back to them – and puts DC Stevie Moss in danger.

Smithy and Pc Ben Gayle are on routine patrol, unaware that the lorry in front of them is full of illegal immigrants from Afghanistan. The driver spots the police and runs, leaving the Afghans to fend for themselves. Many of them also run off but Smithy rescues Jala, a young girl who is trapped under boxes in the truck.

Through Jala and another Afghan, Zemar, the officers learn that the lorry driver who got away also collects rent on the Westgate Estate for a landlord called Jason Devlin. A furious Smithy realises the Devlins are involved in people trafficking and that he needs the co-operation of the Afghan community to gain evidence against them.

Jason Devlin has got to the estate first, though, and is throwing the illegal immigrants out of his properties but they fight back and a riot breaks out. DC Stevie Moss arrives as back-up and spots a suspicious-looking bag in Devlin’s car. As she goes to investigate, Devlin attacks her and beats her unconscious. But Smithy sees what he’s done and launches his own vicious attack on Devlin…

Story continues on July 9.