Maggie sees Ziggy talking to Brody and it’s obvious that the pair have chemistry. Maggie starts to wonder if her daughter is seeing Brody in secret and shares her feelings with Ben. However, Ben says things between the former couple are over, but, when he sees them together, he becomes unsure. Later, Ziggy helps Brody fix a broken oven and as a thank you, he offers to cook dinner for the Astonis, much to Ben’s annoyance….

Meanwhile, Ash storms into the garage and tells Justin that Tori has dumped him. He’s desperate to repair his broken relationship, so Justin goes off to speak to his sister. Tori, however, has made up her mind. Later, Ash finds Tori at the beach and begs her to reconsider her decision. Tori refuses to listen to Ash and his pleas for another chance. Are things really over for the couple?

Also, Boyd turns up at the garage and makes it clear to Justin that he wants his money. Justin meets up with Willow and she tells him she doesn’t need looking after, as her mum left home when she was 10 and her dad is mentally unstable. However, when she gets a call from her dad’s nursing home, she rushes off. Later, Willow returns to Summer Bay and tells Justin she will accept his offer to buy the car – but is it too little too late for Boyd and his thugs?