Harold discovers Stingray passed out in his hotel room surrounded by bottles after yet another night on the booze, and he loses his temper, insisting Stingray clean up his act and support Sky and his unborn baby. But self-pitying Stingray is in no mood to listen, and, ignoring Harold’s advice, steals money from Janae to buy more booze before going on yet another bender.

Following Harold’s advice to be compassionate towards Teresa, Sky gently confronts her about her lies. Teresa explains she invents fantasies to make her own life more bearable, and Sky is sympathetic, still unaware of Teresa’s unhealthy infatuation with Sky and her baby.

Elsewhere, Summer turns up in Ramsay Street, announcing she’s left music school to be with her family until Max is found. Steph is thrilled about Summer’s arrival and doesn’t protest that Summer has left her studies to be in Erinsborough. But when Toadie points out that Summer shouldn’t throw away her chance of a potential musical career, Steph tries to convince Summer to return to her studies.

Also, Susan catches Bree and Rachel plastering the school notice board with an unflattering image of Pepper, and warns them that their teacher-bashing antics must stop.