Stingray is struggling to deal with his impending fatherhood, and turns to the tempting hotel mini-bar for comfort. Later, he and Toadie visit Sky who invites Stingray to an antenatal class, and after feeling his baby kick for the first time, an excited Stingray accepts. But he’s forced to reconsider his commitment when Loris turns up to the hotel room with evidence that he’s drunk the entire contents of the mini bar and insists that he attends Alcoholics Anonymous instead.

The following day, Stingray visits Sky at hospital, only to be intercepted by Teresa who lies that Sky doesn’t want him around, prompting Stingray to leave. An unwitting Sky has no choice but to try to accept Stingray’s lack of commitment to fatherhood.

Unhinged Teresa takes Stingray’s place as Sky’s partner for the antenatal class. But when she begins to become territorial over the baby, Sky freaks out and begins to question Teresa’s motives.

Toadie’s having problems babysitting baby Charlie and is relieved when experienced parents Karl and Susan turn up to help, and also provide Toadie with much needed baby care advice.

Elsewhere, Carmella discovers that scheming Katya intercepted her love letter to Ned and declares war on her rival for Ned’s heart.