Stingray’s life is put in danger when his bone marrow operation goes wrong on the operating table. While the Timmins family freak out that they are going to lose Stingray, he’s soon resuscitated, leaving everyone relieved.

Steph is encouraged when Toadie comes to her, rather than Abby, when he hears the good news that Connor is OK. Later, after a word with Susan, Steph bravely tells Toadie she still loves him and invites him away with she and Charlie on a month-long road trip. Toadie is tempted, but is interrupted by Abby who reminds him he’s made a commitment to her and her daughter Zoe.

Ned worries when Steiger turns up asking questions about his association with Paul. Later, he gets his hands on Paul’s laptop computer, and decides to protect himself by collecting some damning evidence on his boss.

Rosie eventually comes round to believing Frazer’s story that his kiss with Janae was entirely innocent and apologises. But Frazer is fed up with Rosie’s mistrusting attitude, and ends their relationship for good.

Also, Pepper thinks her secret admirer is a cute dance teacher colleague at Erinsborough High and Karl and Susan leave for London – Karl armed with an engagement ring.