Stingray’s world’s turned upside down

Stingray can’t believe it when Dylan announces that Stingray is the real dad of Sky’s baby, not Dylan. Feeling betrayed, Dylan then tells Stingray he’s no longer his brother, leaving a dismayed Stingray to digest the shocking news. But things get worse when Janelle chucks him out of the house and Rachel dumps him.

Sky is told she’ll have to stay in hospital and rest or else she’ll be putting her unborn baby’s life in danger. However, her hospital stay is made better by her seemingly affable new roommate Theresa.

Rachel frets about her future with Stingray, but Karl tells her she’s too good for him. Susan worries Karl’s direct words may have upset Rachel, but Rachel surprisingly confesses that she likes Karl’s strong paternal stance and that it reminds her of Alex.

Loris continues to muscle her way into making important decisions about Lassiter’s, but Paul isn’t having any of it and thwarts her every attempt. A despondent Loris is relieved she has dependable Harold’s friendship to rely on, but is unaware that Harold is falling for her.

Also, Lou supports Janelle through her family crisis and is surprised when she confesses she shares his feelings, while Susan busts Karl’s dodgy dealings with the dog shrink.