Stone gets caught up in a love triangle

Sergeant Callum Stone and Pc Will Fletcher examine an abandoned car and find a mobile phone inside. Stone pays a visit to the vehicle’s owner, Simon Winstanley, who confirms that the mobile belongs to his missing wife Ella. When Stone learns that the last call Ella made was to her personal trainer Craig, he and Will go to Craig’s flat where they find Craig stabbed and Ella in a state of shock.

When questioned, Ella insists she wasn’t having an affair with Craig but admits that she went to his flat where she found him injured. The case takes a dramatic turn when the prints on the knife are confirmed as husband Simon’s, and Will is shocked to find himself and Stone trying to stop Simon from committing suicide…

Elsewhere, Pcs Sally Armstrong and Tony Stamp visit a registry office where Terry Newman reveals he needs his birth certificate to get married in Australia – but someone’s obtained it using his details. Sally and Tony call round to an address where it turns out that several of the tenants living there are claiming benefits in Terry’s name.

The Pcs soon realise that the landlord, Julian Marshall, also works in the Cock & Crown pub – Terry’s local before he emigrated. When Terry tells the officers that his wallet had recently gone missing in the pub, DC Mickey Webb suggests that the team go undercover…

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