Sergeant Rachel Weston and Pc Millie Brown visit a bank where Sandra Marks has attacked a security guard to get to her safety deposit box. Rachel tells Sergeant Stone that Sandra smelt of petrol, and when Stone spots a burn on Sandra’s arm, he orders his team to go to her house. There, Sandra’s husband, Nathan, is found tied-up and gagged, with his two children also bound, gagged and doused in petrol.

Stone tells officers he recently solved a case of similar aggravated burglaries. Suspect Martin Donavan was jailed but there was insufficient evidence to charge Martin’s son, Glen, and he is questioned. But when Glen’s wife, Meg, confirms his alibi, Glen accuses Stone of having a grudge against him as he once had an affair with Meg. Stone soon learns that Nathan set the whole thing up to pay off his debts – and Glen is put in the frame.

Later, as Smithy goes to arrest Glen for beating up Meg, Glen punches him to the floor. In a rage, Stone grabs Glen off Smithy and begins to hit him repeatedly until other officers arrive. Back at the station, Inspector Gina Gold tells Smithy and Stone that she blackmailed Glen into dropping a complaint against them. But shocked that Gina has broken the rules to get a result, Smithy tells her that maybe her days at Sun Hill are over…

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