Stone’s hunting for a violent diplomat

Sergeant Callum Stone and Pc Leela Kapoor respond to a call where prostitute Olivia Rossington has been badly beaten by punter Valentin Turovich. After convincing Olivia to press charges, Stone and Leela discover that Turovich is an Eastern European diplomat who has full immunity. When they learn that Turovich is due to be deported within 24 hours, they are determined to find something stronger to charge him with.

Stone thinks he’s made a breakthrough when his informant, Lucy Thomas, reveals that there’s a rumour that Turovich murdered missing prostitute Jasmine Rhodes some years ago. Convinced Turovich is guilty, Stone and his team race to his house to find the evidence. Later, Leela accepts a post outside Sun Hill, unaware that someone has pulled strings to secure the position.

Also, DS Phil Hunter and DC Grace Dasari interview artist Ben Westlake, whose valuable nude portrait of an ex-lover has been stolen.