Toadie blasts Sonya for taking him to a ‘pity party’ benefit but Stonie tells him he needs to face up to what’s happened and go back to the benefit. Toadie returns and admits he was avoiding reality, but with everyone’s help, believes he can turn a corner. Sonya thanks Stonie but he feels like a bad brother who’s been absent for too long.

Naomi comes clean about her marriage fears but Paul dismisses them and instead stresses it’s time for her to wear her ring. Naomi agrees, but once out of sight, slips the ring on her other hand.

Kyle goes to text Georgia but Amy takes his phone away, reminding him what a great guy he is. Caught up in loneliness, Kyle tries to kiss her, but she pushes him away. Paul witnesses the incident and instantly becomes angry.

Lauren feels terrible and as Susan consoles her, Terese spots them and tells Susan to pick a side. But Susan refuses to be bullied – if Terese wants to talk, she’ll be there, but she won’t turn her back on Lauren.