Charlie is jealous when Brax’s ‘sometimes’ girl, Tegan, arrives at the Bay to get back together with Brax. Brax explains to Tegan that it’s over, but she begins her own enquiries into why Brax won’t come back to her this time.

When Tegan spots Charlie on the beach talking intimately with Brax, Tegan realises the truth and confronts Charlie, warning her that her secret’s not safe. Brax assures a fretful Charlie he’ll keep Tegan’s mouth shut – and does exactly that with a cool threat that sends Tegan on her way out of the Bay.

Sid, after returning from Hawaii, has been distant towards Marilyn. He wants to talk to her, but Marilyn is desperately avoiding the conversation for fear of what it might mean for their relationship. However, when Sid finally sits Marilyn down, her fears are confirmed and he breaks up with her.

Marilyn packs her bags and leaves, intending to move back into Summer Bay House. When Sid has another look at the photo album from his Hawaii trip, it is clear that he has feelings for Roo.

Casey, still unwelcome at Cheryl’s place, has spent a couple of nights at Leah’s. He and Brax then decide to move into a motel.

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