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Strangers sees John Simm as a professor who's life is turned upside down when he is told his wife has been killed in a car crash in Hong Kong

When lecturer Jonah discovers his wife Megan has died in a car accident while working in Hong Kong 
his life comes crashing down around him.

Consumed by grief, he boards a long-haul flight to identify the body, thinking this might be the worst moment of his life.

But Jonah (played by the ever-brilliant John Simm) doesn’t know the half of it – when he arrives in this overwhelming new city he discovers Megan had devastating secrets.

‘It’s so intriguing to wonder how anyone might react to that kind of news – as if it wasn’t bad enough that his wife has died, Jonah has to deal with being caught up in 
a conspiracy as well,’ says John about his role.

‘He’s not 
a stupid man, but he’s also not Indiana Jones – he’s a college professor and here he is trying to be strong and having to work out what’s happened. We had to bring that to life and get the audience to share in the horror of it as he tries to adjust and get his head round what exactly’s going on.’

John Simm as Jonah Mulray in Strangers

John Simm as Professor Jonah Mulray

Did he even know her at all? And are the circumstances around her death as straightforward as they seem?

Beautifully shot and also starring Emilia Fox and Dervla Kirwan, this thrilling mystery 
will have you hooked.

TV Times rating: ****