Strangers – ITV

Husbands Jonah and David work together to 
find out the truth about Megan as the ITV drama gathers pace

Megan’s husbands Jonah (John Simm) and David (Anthony Wong), bewildered and haunted by what seem to be baffling questions – why did she have 
a secret hideaway and, more 
to the point, why did she have fake passports? – realise they need to join forces to work 
out what happened to her.

However, teaming up doesn’t do much to thaw their frosty relationship, and accusations start being bandied around.

Emilia Fox as British consul Sally Porter in Strangers

V G Emilia Fox as British consul Sally Porter

Meanwhile, Sally (Emilia Fox) is still trying to process the horrific and unexpected turn her life has taken, and reluctantly meets up with a journalist, who uncovers a shocking link 
Jonah’s woes…

Like the characters in this thriller, 
we have a feeling there will be 
a few more things to puzzle over before we get the answers we’re looking for.

TV Times *****