Stress takes its toll on Al

Will Al be able to solve The Mill's problems?

Mrs Tembe wakes up Al, who jumps out of his skin. He has been working all day and night to get the system back up, but he can’t seem to solve the problem. Is it time for Al to give up?

Meanwhile, Sid is still reeling from his patient’s death and demands to have a partner meeting to discuss how The Mill’s failings led to his patient’s death. Then, things get worse as Mrs Tembe receives a call from the CQC who are worried about The Mill’s crisis and want to come down for a spot check.

As the partner meeting gets started, Sid bursts in and is livid that they are having a meeting that he called for without him. He is also disgusted that the partners are thinking about how to cover their tracks rather than taking responsibility for the death of a patient and, on that note, Sid gives his bosses an ultimatum.

After the meeting is over, Leonora from the CQC turns up wanting to speak to Al – the resident IT consultant. After speaking to Al and inspecting The Mill, it is bad news for the staff…

Finally, will Ben suffer discrimination when he reveals that he is gay to his boss?