Learning that he doesn’t have long to live, bedridden Marco urges Carmella to marry him immediately, but lies about his worsening condition. After Carmella agrees, Karl implores Marco to tell her the truth, but he refuses. Meanwhile, Rebecca suggests lending Carmella her unused wedding dress.

Carmella confides that she is convinced Marco is dying and he is just trying to protect her. The next day, Oliver acts as best man as Marco and Carmella tie the knot in an emotional hospital ceremony. As they reaffirm their love for each other, Marco peacefully passes away.

As Kirsten’s life hangs in the balance, Ned is inspired by Mickey to make a declaration of his commitment to her. But as she shows signs of recovery, Kirsten questions if Ned truly wants her or simply feels obligated.

In an attempt to prove she only kissed Steve on the spur of the moment, Nicola invents a fictional date and, impulsively says she’s planning on going out with Toadie. She manages to charm him into agreeing to a date with her, although Toadie insists that Callum will have to come along too. After a bad start, when Toadie learns she’s only there to prove a point to the Parkers, they enjoy each other’s company.

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