Struggling Linda places Britney and Joe in care

This week, unbeknown to Linda’s casualty colleagues, the normally carefree nurse is harbouring a shameful secret – she has placed niece and nephew, Britney and Joe, into care! Linda is convinced she can’t cope and that it’s better for everyone involved. Lenny, however, has other ideas!

Lenny tackles Linda about giving up on her niece and nephew, after Britney texts him about their changed circumstances. Shocked that he knows what she’s done, Linda goes on the defensive, insisting it’s for the best. But Lenny, who grew up in care, lets her know he thinks otherwise!

The cracks begin to show and Linda reveals to Charlie she placed Britney and Joe in care. Charlie is understanding and sympathetic and, as the shift continues, Lenny too begins to soften and understand how difficult the decision has been for Linda.

Lenny confides in Linda about his childhood in care by way of explanation for his earlier attitude and asks her out to dinner. She turns him down, but goes home to think.

Elsewhere, paramedic Jeff is called to a horrific scene on the motorway, where a woman called Kerry has been hit by a lorry. The driver, Vince, is distraught, saying he didn’t see her until it was too late and berating himself for having a few drinks the night before, horrified that he may still be over the limit. The case, however, has a tragic twist – Kerry’s daughter was killed at the very same spot, and Kerry had been visiting her roadside memorial. Kerry stepped out in front of Vince’s van on purpose.

Also this week, former Coronation Street barmaid Jenny Platt guest stars as a cash-strapped hotel chambermaid Tracey. Behind with her rent and with two children, Tracey is tempted when hotel guest James offers her money for sex. Later she’s brought into the ED with bruises all over her and it transpires that James raped her.