Casey surprises Ruby by coming home from young offenders in time for the Formal. That means Dex is dateless. Stu tries to convince Sasha to go with him, but when she says no, he begins to drink. Sasha agrees to be Dex’s last-minute date.

At the dance, she sees Stu, and when he gets aggressive, she decides to leave. While she’s waiting for Sid to pick her up, Stu approaches. They argue and Stu slaps her, just as Sid arrives.

April decides that the plan to lose her virginity to Xavier is back on… unbeknown to Xavier. At the dance, Dex overhears Ruby tell Casey about April’s intentions. He drowns his sorrows with some punch that has been spiked by Stu.

When Dallas arrives as Dex’s second back-up date, Dex, who is pretty drunk, tries to kiss her in front of April. Xavier tells him to stop, but Dex attacks him, thinking he’s in on April’s plan. Dex is kicked out, and Xavier explains to April that he would never do that to Dex. April feels like a fool.

Sid sees Stu slap Sasha and quickly realises what’s been going on. He sees red and takes matters into his own hands.