Pcs Sally Armstrong and Will Fletcher find Trevor Jones badly beaten and an unconscious Chloe Faraday. With drugs found at the scene, DS Stuart Turner and DC Jo Masters try to link the attack to a dangerous dealer named The Postman.

Jo soon learns that Chloe’s pimp, Dean Glover, along with Mark Spiller and Vic Grant have all been involved in an armed robbery. Mark admits that The Postman paid him to attack Chloe after she refused to sell drugs. Vic is also questioned but swears he’s not The Postman.

Elsewhere, Pcs Nate Roberts and Ben Gayle attend a commotion at George Flint’s café. Ben discovers that George was attacked by Danny Webster, who’s found with drugs on him when he’s arrested over the assault. At Sun Hill, Danny admits to the attack and claims the drugs belong to The Postman.

Managing to get hold of the dealer’s number, Stuart is horrified when he discovers ‘The Postman’s’ true identity…