Stuart wants to know what Stevie’s up to

After the failed drugs bust which resulted in DC Stevie Moss fleeing on her motorbike with Rob Towler, DS Stuart Turner and DS Jim Rutherford fear for Stevie’s safety, and Rutherford reveals that Stevie fell for Rob in big way when she was previously undercover. Working through to Christmas morning, Stuart and Rutherford are given the name of a passport forger, Trevor Sinclair, who knows Rob.

When the officers find Trevor, he claims he’s been badly beaten by the Manchester Tameside Crew, whose leader, Malkie, wants Rob dead.

Later, Stuart heads to a storage unit to confront Stevie and Rob, and Rob points a gun at Stuart demanding to know who he is. As Stevie admits she’s a police officer, she takes the gun from Rob and points it at Stuart – she’s sticking with Rob – and a struggle ensues…

Back at Sun Hill, a furious DI Neil Manson tells Stuart he’s off the case and Rutherford is put in charge. But when Stuart learns that Rob’s adoptive dad, Alan Puttnam, lives nearby he turns up to find Malkie and his henchmen shooting at Stevie and Rob, who speed off in a car as Alan collapses after taking a bullet.

Suspended from duty, a dejected Stuart goes home and is settling in for the night when the doorbell rings – it’s Stevie and she needs help.