Stuart’s the star of the show

After his appearance on crime show Wanted, DS Stuart Turner is keen to crack the case reconstructed on the show in which Ian and Patricia Stroud’s house was broken into and their jewellery stolen. When Stuart talks to Patricia about the incident, her son Andrew reminds her that the tyres on her car were slashed.

Stuart learns that the man seen outside the Stroud’s house that night is Rob Tinning who’s just been released from prison. When DC Terry Perkins discovers that Ian Stroud was Rob’s defence lawyer when he was convicted, Rob is questioned. He admits to slashing the tyres but denies carrying out the robbery.

At Sun Hill, a Wanted viewer hands in a necklace she bought having recognised it as Patricia’s. Jewellery shop owner Gail Quigley is quizzed and admits she was given the goods by a Dave McClure. Dave says he works for loan shark Clive Beckett and that he’d been asked to put pressure on Andrew Stroud to pay up.

Stuart and Terry race to Clive’s house where they find a distressed Andrew holding Clive over a balcony…

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