Sue wakes up feeling full of guilt and Simon tries to reassure her but to no avail. Feeing desperate, he calls The Mill and asks Karen if she could send a doctor around to help. Simon is pleased someone’s coming until the only available doctor Karen could find arrives – Zara! Sue’s eyes light up when Zara recommends revenge as the only course of action in dealing with Howard and his divorce plans. Zara leaves Sue feeling more upbeat, but Simon wants a word. He tells Zara she’s turned his mum into a monster, but Zara soon puts him in his place.

Karen’s eyes light up when attractive patient Xavier Rodriguez arrives and insists on seeing Lily. Xavier is Lily’s old dance partner and to her horror he is there to declare his undying love and has brought his own music to rekindle their dance. It puts it all in perspective for Lily, she loves Heston.

Daniel sees patient Amy, who has been burgled again. But his concern to to anger when he realises Amy and her daughter Sarah have been staging burglaries so Sarah can claim the insurance and Amy gets the attention from the local victim support.

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