During a family lunch, Sue makes pleasant conversation with Todd, whilst Howard is very quiet and aloof. Sue and Howard go off to the Bull Ring, leaving Simon and Todd some time to themselves back home, where they end up sleeping together. The pair are together in bed, but are soon interrupted when Sue and Howard return home.

Later in the day, Howard confronts Sue about his feelings and tells her he wants a divorce. Sue is completely devastated and suspects Howard of having an affair. Howard leaves and Simon is left to comfort his mum.

While out shopping Michelle comes across a mature wheelchair-bound lady, Jane Shields (Michele Dotrice )who has had her purse stolen. A uniformed police officer warns her there’s a pick-pocket about.

Back at the Mill, Michelle goes to pay Jimmi her share of the bills and realises that her purse has gone missing and that it must have been stolen. She later discovers that Jane and the police officer are a mother and son who are the thieves but when she confronts them she’s bundled into a van, tied up in the wheelchair and dumped int a field. A farmer finds her and the police soon catch up with Jane and Matt.

Meanwhile, much to her parents’ dismay, Imogen reveals her future artistic aspirations – she wants to be an artist!

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