When they realise Howard’s moving his things out of the house, Sue and Zara look at Howard’s bank account online to see what he’s up to and discover he’s booked himself a room for two at a nearby golf course. They dash off to find him and, after spotting Simon and Todd on their tail, they steal a golf buggy and continue to search for Howard. Sue spots Howard with a leggy blonde and slaps him. Simon is upset seeing his parents like that.

Todd asks Simon to go back to America with him but Simon says he can’t as him Mum needs him here.

Ruth tells Heston she’s started taking her pills – but she has a wobble when the doctors drop like flies. Heston reassures her they’re a team.

Michelle deals with a student called Carly Madders who has awoken unsteadily and fears she’s been raped. It later turns out she hasn’t been raped – but she had been drugged. Michelle goes to the Student Union posing as a student and discovers a competition going on to collect girls’ underwear as a trophy – and realises who drugged Carly.

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