Summer Bay Bus Tours gets off to a shaky start

Marilyn and John are worried about the journo who’ll be covering their first bus tour but Roo suggests they be nice to everyone. However, when a handsome stranger arrives, already disparaging, it looks like Summer Bay Bus Tours is off to a bumpy start. Jett arrives though and John and Marilyn are grateful.

Casey, April, Dex, and Tamara are all watching a scary movie, with Tamara clinging to Casey. Heath takes the opportunity to give Dex a fright. Embarrassed, Dex vows revenge. During Casey’s workout at the gym, Heath gets riled up when Casey tells him he’s not qualified enough to train him. Later, Tamara shows up at the gym to help Casey, and the pair address the awkwardness of the previous night.

Heath tells Brax that Andy has a grudge against the Braxtons, something about Danny Braxton being the cause of their dad, Johnny, taking off. Heath gets information on Andy’s whereabouts, and looks forward to teaching him a lesson. Brax tells Heath to back off and to sort out his own life. Heath signs up to become a personal trainer, but doesn’t tell Bianca.

Spencer’s ready to be discharged from hospital, but he still blames Sasha for his going off his medication. Sasha promises to help Spencer be spontaneous by going swimming. Watching Sasha fully enjoy the moment makes Spencer question his medication. He buries his pill in the sand and pretends to take it.