Susan keeps Paul’s secret for Summer’s sake but when she realises Summer is continuing her investigation into the party, Susan’s tries to keep her off the scent. Despite Susan’s warnings, a curious Summer uncovers Paul’s role in the incident and realises Susan knows but is keeping quiet.

Once confronted, Susan reveals Paul’s threats but Summer urges her to come out with the truth regardless. Susan stops Ajay before he resigns and, in front of the councillors and the press, reveals Paul’s role in the party incident and his attempt to bring Ajay down. Will Paul face the consequences of his actions?

Trying to keep busy to avoid thinking about Summer, Andrew offers Kyle his services for the day. Being a good friend, Kyle agrees but Andrew’s of little help as he’s clearly distracted. Kyle finds a more active way to lift Andrew’s spirits, taking him for a kick-around in the park, but Andrew’s soon brought back to earth when he returns home to find the number plates Summer gave him for his 18th birthday – a reminder of what he’s lost.