Summer has some news for Tash

Tash begins searching for her grandparents behind Michael’s back. Meanwhile, Summer worries but Chris tells her to let it go. When Tash gets nowhere, she asks Summer for guidance, but when Summer’s reluctant, Tash asks what’s going on. Under pressure, Summer tells Tash that Michael wasn’t just upset when he saw the article, he hit the roof and threatened to kick Summer out of school. This only makes Tash more determined.

Chris warns Summer about getting involved, and despite knowing it’s a bad idea, Summer feels she can’t say no now. The girls find a lead, thinking they’ve traced her grandparents, but Tash doesn’t feel able to go, asking Chris and Summer to go instead. When they report back explaining that her grandparents have moved back to Serbia, she’s disappointed, but there’s more news; they have a number for her mum’s sister, Tash’s aunt.

Downloading music for Sonya’s party, Jade wonders why the memory is full. Between them, the girls work out it must be Callum downloading things, and Sonya’s disappointed when Jade suggests Cal’s been downloading adult material. When Sonya confronts him, an awkward conversation follows before Cal explains he’s just downloaded a computer game.

Also, a conversation with his new cleaner, Lorraine, gives Paul the perfect idea of how to stop the development.