Summer has to choose

After his kiss with Summer, Harry is on cloud nine and tells her that he has written her a song. Summer is impressed as no one has ever done anything like that for her before. Just as she is about to kiss him there’s a knock at the door. It’s Andrew, offering to take her out on a date. She assures Andrew that she has fun with him and says she doesn’t want their friendships to suffer because of this but she wants to be with Harry. Andrew puts on a cool facade and says he’s happy for them.

With a bruised ego, Andrew seeks comfort from Natasha, who is only too keen to go one a date with him. Back to his scheming ways, Andrew tells Natasha that he was in competition with Harry to ‘win’ Summer, but only as a means of helping Harry out. How will Summer feel when Natasha shares this information with her?

Meanwhile, at the Blokes Club HQ, a challenge is set to furnish the clubhouse with hard rubbish collection furniture. Lou retrieves a pile of junk, while the others bring home second-rate goods. A challenge is set – whoever raises more cash from the sale of their junk gets to call the shots on the redecoration.

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