Summer knows she needs help and turns to Phelan – Is Billy in danger?

Summer tells Phelan what’s been happening at home and his promises her he will sort it out

An upset Summer arrives at number 11 and tells Phelan what is happening at the flat. Phelan promises he will help her sort it out.

Bethany is quizzed by the police and she confides in Sarah that she is worried she had some sort of psychotic episode thinking the groom was Nathan, Sarah says she may benefit from going back to counselling. Craig sees Bethany leaving and blames himself for what happened. At home Beth can see he is anxious but is baffled by his reaction when he says he is moving out.

Zeedan is pleased about Sophie moving in with Kate and Aya and wastes no time telling Rana as he knows it will upset her. Kate tells Sophie she has had a change of heart and it is too soon for her to be moving in. Can Kate and Rana stay away from each other?

Eileen finds Liz hiding from Moira in the Rovers’ toilets and the two women make amends, prompting Liz to suggests throwing a “getting to know Pat party”.

Second episode of the evening.