Summer plays gooseberry

Andrew is getting frustrated being in hospital, and with Summer not answering his calls, he asks when he will be out. When Paul heads to the hospital he sees Summer and insists on taking her with him, but she doesn’t want to go.

When she arrives Tash is lying in bed with Andrew and Summer has to play gooseberry while they all watch DVDs. Andrew catches Summer before she leaves and tells her he has never felt this way about anyone. When Summer returns to the hospital later that night, he tells Summer he loves her.

With Lyn in his debt, Paul starts making his demands on her. He starts with free coffee and cake from Harold’s before telling Lyn to have a word with Rebecca to get him back in her good books. When Rebecca gives Paul the brush off later that day, he tells Lyn she obviously isn’t doing what he asked and tells her he’ll tell people the truth if she doesn’t talk to Rebecca.

Panicked, Lyn goes to see Rebecca. She can tell something is up and asks Lyn if he is threatening or blackmailing her. She encourages Lyn to tell her what’s going on and that she will help her.

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