Summer puts her foot in it

Summer pitches a story about a local paralympian, which impresses Bradley but she’s furious when he chooses another journalist, Howard, to write the story. She voices her concern to Susan, also telling her that Bradley makes up his quotes from interviews. Then she discovers that Bradley gave Howard the story for a very good reason but it’s too late to stop Susan calling Bradley in to discuss her accusations. Later, Summer tries to apologise but Bradley’s disappointed with her attitude. Has she just blown her chance to become a serious journalist?

Chris invites Aidan to breakfast with George and, though it’s an awkward failure, he looks forward to an open and honest relationship with Aidan. Guilt-ridden Aidan, however, is keeping Andrew’s epilepsy secret and Andrew refuses to let him tell Chris. Later, the blood tests Aidan had done for Andrew get him into trouble at the hospital.

After talking to Susan, Priya is intrigued at the idea of taking pole-dancing classes, but Ajay is quick to remind her of her reputation and position as head mistress and she has to decide against it. Seemingly fed-up with the quiet life, will Priya look elsewhere for excitement?