Summer sings for Andrew Lloyd-Webber

OB does everything he can to help a nervous Summer prepare for her big audition, but he’s distraught when her nerves get the better of her on stage, leaving Summer devastated at her ruined dreams of starring in the West End.

Michaela wakes up in hospital, completely unaware that she overdosed on heroin the night before. Niall takes great pleasure in seeing the McQueens convinced that Michaela has a real drug problem, and watches them blame each other for Michaela’s issues. Myra, especially, is heartbroken that Michaela would turn to hard drugs and even Michaela’s friends are unconvinced as she protests her innocence.

Still suffering from a drug-induced hangover herself, Sasha is shocked to hear from Amy that Michaela is in hospital. They head to the hospital where they’re interrogated by Myra who learns that Sasha and Fletch had been on speed at the party. Has Sasha learned her lesson?

After the success of their rumour-mill website, Lauren and Newt plan more mischief. And stressed-out Russ is stunned when he gets an anonymous phone call threatening him with further exposure unless he fixes the questions on a school test.

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