Following the cancellation by Diana of the Lassiters’ campaign, Paul instructs Andrew to make sure Natasha doesn’t cause trouble. Andrew successfully convinces Natasha to back down, but soon messes things up when he continues to ignore her, having got what he wants. Natasha lashes out at him and things are made even worse when Lucas clocks Andrew’s mood and assumes it’s a lovers’ tiff about Donna, unintentionally revealing that Andrew made a play for Donna. This is news to Natasha and the last straw in her failing relationship.

Michael and Libby put their differences aside to celebrate Kate’s teaching success with a night out at Charlie’s. It’s painfully obvious Libby and Michael can’t stand each other, but Lucas pushes Michael to make an effort, assuring him that Libby is good fun once she loosens up. Will they finally begin to get on?

Summer confronts Andrew, asking if he has made it up to Natasha after their fight, and is horrified when he tells her that their relationship was just a bit of fun and why would he bother making an effort when he can just go out and find a replacement? Summer is furious and when she finds Natasha crying she realises she heard every word he said. Together, the once sworn enemies join forces to bring Andrew down once and for all.

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