In the wake of Chris’s admission, Summer does her best to support him. However, when she tells Lyn that Chris has come out, Lyn worries about how Summer is coping. Summer assures Lyn she is fine and this is about Chris, not her.

With Callum’s 13th birthday approaching, Toadie struggles with present ideas. Sonya and Toadie enlist Sophie’s help to find out from Callum what he would like. Knowing Toadie is desperate to make amends, Callum’s sure Toadie will splash out and tells Sophie he’d like a TV. However, when he tells Sophie he’d love a party but knows no one will come after everything that’s happened, Sophie realises that’s more important to him than any gift.

Summer can’t understand why Andrew is ignoring Chris, especially after he stuck up for him at school. Chris admits it’s because he told Andrew he had a crush on him. However, Summer thinks Andrew is being pathetic about it and tells him to think about Chris and not himself for a change.

Toadie is determined to give Callum the birthday party he wants and plans to invite the Kennedys. When he approaches them in Charlie’s they don’t hang around to hear him out. However, knowing how much Callum wants Ben at his party, Toadie pays the Kennedys a visit, but Libby refuses.

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