When Summer admits to Billy and Todd that she knows Drew is lining them up to be her guardians they’re moved by her bravery. Later, news arrives that Drew has been rushed into hospital where he has died. Summer dissolves into tears as Drew’s mother arrives.

Mary reveals to Sarah that Bethany’s run off with Nathan. As Nathan explains to Bethany that he’s driving to Hull to set sail for Belgium, Bethany’s confesses she has no passport. As he phones a contact to sort a new passport, Bethany’s alarmed to discover she’s going to Belgium alone. Sarah’s frantic with worry despite the police’s assurances that they will do all they can to trace Nathan who has broken his bail conditions.

Kevin researches Anna’s medication online. Meanwhile Anna catches Faye, Phelan and Nicola arriving back with Seb from prison. As Faye and Seb steal a kiss, Anna storms over and rants at Faye for disobeying her. How will Faye respond?

Tyrone accuses Kim of having designs on Fiz.