Summer is emotional as it would have been her Dad’s birthday. She pockets a strange looking cigarette that Simon found in the school changing rooms and is later found unconscious in the ginnel. As Summer is loaded into an ambulance, Billy and Todd quiz Amy and Simon. Simon sheepishly hands them the cigarette. Simon admits to Peter and Toyah that he supplied Summer with the cigarette and dared her to smoke it but never meant for her to get hurt.

Chesney arrives for work at the kebab shop but it’s clear he’s not well. Sinead is enjoying Daniel’s company and there is still a spark between them but when she takes a phone call saying that Chesney has collapsed at work and been taken to hospital she feels guilty and races to his bedside.

Liz warns Toyah and Peter that Tom Ridley is a tricky individual and if he thinks they’re not up to scratch he could withdraw their beer supply. First episode of evening.